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Allowing Seniors to Spend Their Twilight Years in Comfort

Making the decision to move a loved one to a senior home can be difficult. That is why our team at Liskeard Eventide Home in Liskeard, Cornwall is here to give families peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is properly cared for.

We don’t only improve the quality of life for senior citizens; we also take care of them like family. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your elderly loved ones!

About Us

Liskeard Eventide Home, formerly Castle Villa, is a stand-alone, nonprofit care home that has been serving elderly people since 1952. Our establishment was originally a three-bedroom house. It was bought by the people of Liskeard who wanted a lasting memorial for those who lost their lives in the wars. Through a public subscription, the house was procured to accommodate war widows and people of limited means.

A group of trustees was appointed to financially protect the home and ensure its existence. There was no staff employed, the house was only furnished by donations and the residents cooked and cleaned for themselves.

As years passed by, extensions have been built as legacies have been received. Our home is now a 26-bedroom residential house and is funded only by fees and occasional donations. The trustees are still volunteers, our well-trained staff is paid above the average rate and the home is beautifully furnished.

It seems fitting that we were rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission in our Sapphire anniversary year. After more than 65 years in service, we earned recognition for providing high-quality care, as well as for being well-led and responsive. We achieved a ‘Good’ rating in the Safe and Effective category.

Our Mission and Vision

To Provide Quality Care Without Jeopardizing Independence and Dignity

We aim to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere where residents can retain their independence and privacy. They are encouraged to continue with their interests and activities with the security of care options from our well-experienced staff.

Their welfare, comfort and safety are of paramount importance. With this in mind, our home and its surroundings are maintained to the highest standards. The meals we serve are always carefully prepared to make sure that they are appetizing and that ample choices are available.

Only staff members with appropriate calibre, caring attitude and willingness to listen to the residents’ concerns are appointed. Each senior citizen is treated as an individual and is given a person-centred care where their independence is promoted, their dignity respected and their personal preferences acknowledged.