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Coronavirus Information

With the spread and effects of COVID-19, Liskeard Eventide Home has put into place all the safety measures recommended by

the public health authorities for its residents and staff.

Liskeard Eventide Home are being very vigilant and to continue to keep the residents safe from the spread of this highly

contagious infectious disease we have implemented procedures to allow one person to visit their loved ones within their rooms and two people within the visiting summer house.  

This is all by appointment only basis.

 Liskeard Eventide Home will continue with essential visits (on compassionate grounds) with all infection control

measures in place.

Care home residents are still amongst the most at risk by virtue of their age and frailty to being seriously and possibly fatally ill

if they are infected by the virus, as in fact the numbers of confirmed cases and fatalities of care home residents have already

shown. To protect our stocks, please bring your own hand sanitiser and PPE.

 We would normally offer refreshments but at this

time, due to strict infection control procedures we will not be permitted to do this. 

Please feel free to bring your own beverage

and we will serve our resident with their choice of beverage.

Liskeard Eventide Home asks you to book an appointment, this is to ensure your loved one is ready and waiting for you at the

set time and we can ensure you have a designated, private area,

To avoid disappointment, you must book a

visiting slot to avoid us double booking. We would therefore respectfully ask you not to visit unless it is agreed via the

appointment system. Failure to do this will leave us in the position of going back to no visitors at all.

Liskeard Eventide Home is still facilitating suitable alternative means of relatives and others for keeping in contact with

residents and Liskeard Eventide Home through, for example, telephone, messaging, social media, facetime, skype and zoom.

When visiting Liskeard Eventide Home we will ask you to:

  • ensure you have completed an LFT and a negative result has been reported onto the website and a text message to show the reception on entry.
  • ensure all relevant nominated named contact forms have been completed
  • check if you might have had any contact with anyone who might have been in contact with an infected person or

someone carrying the virus and take a decision about visiting based on your assessment of any risks

sign a short disclaimer to this effect

  • DO NOT have physical contact with your loved one and other people whom you might meet by:

– avoiding close contact with people, particularly if they are unwell

– avoiding touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands

– keeping to designated areas of the grounds which we will inform you about

  • carry out stringent hand hygiene practice by always washing your hands carefully before and after any contacts made
  •  help staff to carry out the procedures that have been put in place to keep everyone safe from the virus and its spread
  • report and discuss with us any concerns you have about the health of the person whose welfare is your concern.

We are confident that with these precautions in place and visits monitored, we will be able to keep our residents safe.

Jennifer Nancarrow Allen

Registered Manager